About Svastha Yoga


Our desire is to share the benefits to body and mind of the ancient art of Yoga. 

Yoga is a timeless message and has benefit for every person no matter their age, level of fitness, lifestyle, beliefs etc. We offer an inclusive practice  that honours these differences.

The word Svastha in Sanskrit literally means “to stay as the Self” and refers to the state of complete health and balance in body and mind.

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What to expect:

Every person is unique and requires something different from their practice. In a group class however, instruction has to be at a common level therefore we teach smaller classes in order to maintain emphasis on personal attention, ensuring maximum benefit for each person in class.

We offer an alternative to many of the performance based ‘power’ yoga styles that have become popular in recent years and present a practice that is slow moving and mindful. This helps us to counter balance the stress and madness of daily modern life and bring peace and calm to the mind. As the ability to move and breathe with awareness deepens, the practice becomes remarkably strengthening and deeply satisfying.

Our classes are guided by an underlying set of principles which include:

  • Synchronising breath and movement in such a way that enhances structural integrity, ensures safety and concentrates awareness inward.
  • Breathing principles that have a positive effect on the mind and body.
  • Sequencing and modifying the postures in a way that maximises the benefits of practice (vinyasa krama).
  • A strong focus on maintaining a balance of stability and comfort throughout the practice.
  • Increasing strength and flexibility in a balanced manner.
  • Adapting postures to address the specific needs and goals of the individual.

All classes finish with a relaxation period and a short period of pranayama (focused breathing)

This is not a standardised practice and each class will vary dependant on factors such as who is in the class, the overall mood of the group, the time of day etc.

We Offer:

  • A range of group classes for health and fitness catering to different levels of experience
  • Yoga for Pregnancy and Post Natal classes
  • Yoga Therapy classes for small groups facing similar health challenges
  • One to one sessions for those wishing to explore a personal practice, or where there are health issues
  • Regular workshops on the various aspects of yoga
  • An internationally recognised Personal Development & Teacher Training program
  • A Yoga Therapy Diploma program
  • Regular visits from our teachers A.G and Indra Mohan, and their son Dr Ganesh Mohan

Join us for an authentic, simple and accessible practice that will not only strengthen and tone your body, but bring a sense of ease and calm in to your mind.

Please contact Barbara if you have any questions, or to discuss which class would suit you.

Svastha yoga has had a profound effect on my life….the integration of breath and movement facilitates both good physical and mental health. The sense of well being I now experience each and every day, is directly attributable to my Svastha yoga practice.

Charles Pulman