Svastha Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is the adaptation and application of yoga techniques and practices to help individuals facing health challenges manage their condition, reduce symptoms, restore balance and increase vitality.

Yoga is a wonderful practice that benefits us on all levels and encourages health and balance. However if you are dealing with a specific injury or health issue a regular yoga class may not be the right choice for you. A regular class meets the needs of the group and instruction is at a common level – your injury or illness may require specific instruction not available in a group class, Therefore, you may like to consider yoga therapy as a means to aid the healing process. Yoga therapy will focus on postures, breathwork etc that are suitable for you and the condition you wish to improve whether this is a structural, functional or stress related issue.

Yoga therapy is an holistic approach to healing. As well as looking at yoga postures, breathing techniques and practices to assist the healing process, we also consider other factors such as lifestyle, diet, work environment etc that may be contributing to your health issues.

Yoga therapy is complimentary to other forms of treatment you may be undergoing and our therapists are always happy to discuss your participation with your lead health practitioner.

At Svastha Yoga we provide personal consultations for people dealing with specific injuries or health concerns, and also conduct therapeutic classes for small groups of people experiencing similar health concerns e.g. non specific back pain.

We provide yoga therapy sessions in the following areas:

Back pain ~ neck & shoulder pain ~ hip pain ~ knee pain ~ postural imbalance ~ osteoporosis ~ arthritis ~ scoliosis ~ recovery from injury

Asthma and other respiratory issues ~ cardiovascular, neurological, digestive, hormonal & immune system disorders

Mental and Emotional Health:
Anxiety and stress related disorders ~ depression ~ insomnia

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